Regarding Second F1 - Port of entry issue for first F1

Hi All,

I had a valid F1 visa till Jan1st, 2020 and it got cancelled at port of Entry in December 2019 as they thought I was working on my F1 status, which I was not as I had sufficient funds and family support. I had my OPT approved during my first F1. Now I want to apply for second F1, what are the chances of getting visa for second time?

Also I was thinking of applying for visiting visa and if approved wanted to change it to F1 upon arrival. What are the consequences with this option?

Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Did you sign any papers at the Port of entry ? Usually, if you were denied entry, it can be very difficult. You can definitely give it a shot, but it is subject to more scrutiny as they have your history and not sure, if they will give you visa.
Also, applying for other visa type with intent to do COS is not a good idea. Your intent is changing and not suggested.

Thanks Kumar, Yea I did sign papers at port of entry. I was actually planning for PHD if I get an admission. Immigration officer told me that I can apply again for F1, I’m only being denied on that particular visa. Not sure if that helps. Is it suggested to give another try?


You may try, but be aware that they believe that you had some violations…does not matter they are true or not, that’s what their system shows. So, be extra prepared and give it your best shot…It may or may not work out, but if you are really keen, give it a try.

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