Regarding RFE on H1B..End Client letter requested

Hi Suarabh…

I have received RFE on my H1B visa and end client letter doc has been requested on some along with few more documents. It seems like client is not going to provide the “end client Letter”… is this mandatory to send all the requested document… What should I do if no end client letter for cleint… Please help me asap as I have to reply them before December…

You can send a letter explaining the situation i.e. client doesn’t issue letters as their company policy and submit some other document in lieu of it (like MSA or SOW). If you can get a letter from your client manager talking about the project, duration etc then submit it as well. Also, submit client manager’s contact information so that USCIS can follow-up w/ them for verification.

Your lawyer should be able to guide on this.

Hi Suarabh
have u cleared ur RFE