Regarding previous H1B petition


I filed one H1 B approximatly 9 years ago…i hardly remember anything about it now. This year im filing again. I can see there is Question about previous filing. can anyone please advice coz i really dont remember anything about previous one.


Is this question asked by your employer or do you see it in a USCIS form?

Did you travel to US on that H-1?

Hi saurabh,
I saw this question in the Application form. “if i had filed for H1 or L1 before…”
i did file it and it was in query as they consultant had to send Tax papers, which he dint. and eventually i forgot about it.
So what should i do now?..
i dint travel on H1 but did travel to US on Visit couple of times.

When you say application form are you referring to an application form that your employer/attorney sent to you?

In any case, it should be fine. You can tell your employer about it and say that you don’t know any more details. As it was filed so long ago and b/c you never used it, it is moot at this point.

oo ok…cool…ill inform my employer… thank you very much :slight_smile: