Regarding over stay due to health issues - Exceed 6 years ? Pregnancy?

I’m on H1B and my 6 years is getting done in July 2020. I’m pregnant, due in July and have some health issues for air travel. My extension is filed in premium and I got RFE. I’m allowed to stay legally in US till May 2020 (240 days) but if I get a denial after that , how can I proceed?

Yes, you are allowed to stay in legally, if you can provide health related letters and documents and get Change of Status approved to B2. Discuss with your current H1B employer’s attorney and see, if they can help…There are special options that USCIS provides to cater to situations like yours. It falls under medical emergency or humanitarian kind of aspects.

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Could you tell me where can I get a list of documents to submit for additional evidence while applying for H1 to B1/B2 change of status? Thanks in advance.