Regarding OPT

Hi All,

I’m going to complete my Masters by September 2016. I would be applying my OPT in July 2016. I will be knowing the status by October. I am planning my start date to be November 2016, but November and December are holiday season. So would that be a good idea to take OPT during November or December time. Please respond. Thank You.

OPT needs to be applied within 30 days of graduation. So it doesn’t matter if those are lean months, you need to apply OPT by Oct end.

In addition, start date can be pushed out max 60 days from graduation date, so it has to start by Nov 2016 in your case.

For more info, read this -

Thanks Saurabh for your reply. I have three subjects to complete my masters and I’ve checked with my college that I can take two subjects in next semester and one subject in final semester. I have decided to complete my masters by December 2016. I would be applying my OPT in the month of November, 16. So now my start date of OPT is January 2017. Hope it should not create any problem. Do let me know if you see any issues in the above. Thanks again in advance.

This plan may work out for you.