Regarding OPT & Re-entry to U.S (Question !)


I have a quick question regarding OPT and re-entry to U.S as indicated in the title.
After my recent graduation, I have gotten my OPT approved (which starts mid August) and EAD card.
Since I plan to start working on late August or Early September, I’d like to go back to my country and come back to U.S on September.
However, recently Trump has banned the re-entry of H1B and other visa holders who do NOT have proper visa stamps.
I read the article that was posted, and it seems like this EO should NOT affect re-entry of OPT holders, but I think this is time to be more cautious.

Can anyone comment here what you guys think of?

-Do you think EO should Not affect and is it safe to go back and return to U.S later just with your new I-20 and OPT?

-What would be some possibilities that immigration is likely to be banned for re-entry even after OPT approval?

Thanks !

Dear @Sungpil_Park,
According to present immigration ban students who have valid F1 visa on passport can enter into the USA with a valid I20. If you come in the same category then you can fly and come back into the USA without any problems, the only thing you should think of is international flights.

But please understand according to law your I20&OPT card will not let you come inside with out a valid visa on your passport. I hope this info help’s you, take care and have a wonderful carrier ahead.