Regarding leave without pay on H1 B


Currently I am working on H1-B. However I have taken some 1 motnh break from my employer due to some family issues. In between I will on leave with out pay, as I dont have balance paid leave. Does it necessary for my company to run my pay roll during that time?

Will there be any problem if meanwhile I get offer from some other company and would like to transfer my H1B.



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You will be out of pay-roll only when you are unemployed. As you have stated paid leave in your question, I assume you are a fulltime employee.

I am sure if your are a fulltime employee in your company, they will run your pay-roll irrespective of whether you are on paid leave/ on loss of pay.

You will receive a pay stub with the check for the number of days you took paid leave and also stating your loss-of-pay days

Thanks for your answer. yes I am full time employee. Did I understand correctly that, as far as my company generates my pay stub, there is no issue while transferring my H1 to other employee in case I need to do immediately after my leave is over?

I don’t think it should be a problem. To confirm, you may talk to your HR about the pay stub during loss of pay, they will tell you more clearly.

Anyway you are going to work for few days/ weeks after you are back from India, so you will get a pay stub before you transfer to the new company.