regarding LCA relocation - for H1B


My wife is having a valid visa from xyz employer.

h1b validity from 2012 - 2015 LCA was with Location1 in US.

now her employer is sending my wife in 2014 for the first time to US to Location2 in US.

untill the new LCA is applied for Location2 she will not be able to travel.

my question is how many days will it take for new LCA for Loication2 to be approved?

thanks in advance…

LCA governance is under certain State laws and prevailing labor conditions in that State. LCA approval time is directly proportional to State unemployment rate. For example, Nevada or Michigan might take longer than California or New York because Labor Market is struggling in the former 2 States.

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thanks for the reply…
the LCA relocation is for texas state. please suggest any wesite which shows the processing time of LCA

This link might help, DOL in Houston also has a helpline.