regarding LCA and H1B


i filed h1b last year but not picked in lottery i have 5yrs experience and 3yrs gap after education. i put fake exp for 3yrs i want to put actual experience this year and i didnot see my educational evaluation report what exactly mentioned in that now i have following doubts

  1. what will mention in educational evaluation in general

  2. if they mentioned my original and 3yrs fake experience in that evaluation do i need to continue the same certificate with 8yrs experince in petetion

3 do they file fresh lca or old one

4 what should i do now

  1. Education evaluation would be based on degrees and marksheets you had submitted. As you use fake work experience and genuine education, the report should be fine. Still, you can ask for a copy from employer to see what it was.

  2. Get a new certificate if the old one consists of incorrect information

  3. File new LCA

  4. Continue using real experience and avoid using fake documents in future.