Regarding H4 to H1


My spouse’s H1b got picked in India during 2020 and she did not get visa stamped from India. She later traveled to US via her H4 and is currently in US.

My questions are below:

  • She would like to independently work on her H1b by applying for change of status
  • May I know the approx. timeline for this change of status to get approved
  • Can she work on the receipt number for the Change of status or do we need to wait until the change of status is approved.

Thank you in advance for your help in resolving my quer


New employer can file cap-exempt H1B with change of status using premium processing. It takes 15 working days to get decision from USCIS.

No, only after the H1B is approved with change of status.

Thank you Kalpesh for the quick response. Appreciate your timely help as always.