Regarding H4 to F1 Visa

Hello Sir,I have a query regarding my study on H4 Visa. As i have moved to US couple of months back. I have completed my in IT want to pursue Masters in Technical Course but don’t have GRE scores , So is that possible to get admission in any colleges which provides technical courses along with F1 Visa with CPT/OPT.Thanks


Suresh, Most of the good schools required GRE and TOEFL. Some schools, let you start the courses with pre-requisities and later ask you take the GRE as required. The advantage you have is that you are in US, you can go and speak to any admissions counsellors at a University and see, if you can get some exceptions. In my view, most of the good schools may not waive that, but worth a shot. Once you change your status to F1, you are eligible for CPT and OPT, if you are joining for degree awarding program.