Regarding H4 to F1 COS


I applied my COS on dec 2017 .I got an email says that mu sevis is compelted and to get updated we need RFE from USCIS.

But i am hearing from one forum one person application is rejected with same reason.

What is the chance of rejection rate in such cases.Sevis is not in our hands so how can they reject without giving any RFE.

Please let me know what i can do get out of this situation

The best bet is to go to India and get your F1 stamped, than all this CoS mess. You can enter USA on F1 visa, when you are returning. Please be prepared to answer as to why you want to convert o F1, when you can study in H4 itself during the interview at the consulate.

I got very less time to prepare for GRE so i got less score in GRE but i got very good scores in under grad GPA and current grad GPA.
Will it be any problem if i have less score in GRE at the time of stamping