Regarding H4 stamping for my spouse

Hi All,

I have a question regarding H4 stampnig of my spouse. Below is the typical scenario:

• Her passport was issued before marriage, hence her surname there is as before marriage and DOES NOT have my name endorsed. Her name is mentioned there as [b]XXX YYY[/b] and her father’s name as [b]AB CD EF[/b].           
• Our Marriage certificate has her first name only and no surname. Her name is mentioned there as [b]XXX [/b]and her father’s name as [b]AB CD GH[/b].
• In my passport, her name is endorsed but with her surname as after marriage. Her name is mentioned as [b]XXX ZZZ[/b].

Can you please advise if that shall be fine when we go for stamping or I need to get some corrections?

Many Thanks in anticipation :)

I think it should be fine. In the DS-160 form there is a question asking if the person has been known by any other names. Write the old name in response to that.

Carry your wedding album as well to show that you indeed are married.