Regarding H4 Interview, but previously travelled to US on H1b

Hi This is Regarding the H4 visa interview.I recently resigned from the company and serving the notice period.I am planning to go for H4 interview once my notice period is over.Previously i travelled to US on H1 and my extension was denied due to lack of documents.I came back to India and started working and then my employer has applied for L1 b which got rejected ,as VO told petition is not clearly approvable. Again my employer has filed for L1 Individual visa, but i decided to stay with my husband,as hes currently in US.So My employer has asked USCIS to revoke my L1 individual visa

Does the previous visa’s matter for H4 interview?what types of questions can be asked by VO in my case. Please advice.

They shouldn’t impact as long as you didn’t break any rules or submitted any false documents. It seems most of the petitions were denied b/c of lack of employer related documents, so it shouldn’t be impacted. If questioned about them, answer truthfully about the reasons.

Thanks Saurabh!!!