Regarding H1b

Hi All,

In 2013 I’ve applied for H1b and it got approved. But due to some reasons employer has reverted back the application. My question would a different employer would be able to help me out with the old application. I don’t have any documents from my previous employer, not even the approved receipt. Could anyone suggest on this please. I just want to get an idea before I proceed.

Note : All I have the receipt number.

Hi Raj,

Please provide new employer with the receipt number and you should be okay. Also make sure you tell the employer that this receipt number is linked to an approved petition in 2013.

Best wishesDr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,

Thank You so much. Any idea as how long will it take to complete the process? Currently I’m on masters and will be completing first semester on june 8th.

Thank You,