Regarding H1B VISA

Hi Team,

Currently I am working for one the MNC companies since 4 years

I travelled to US on B1 visa for my company work and returned back with in 2 months

Secondly, my company even provided me L1 (2013) visa but I did’nt travelld on my L1-visa yet.

Now, I am planning to apply for H1B visa not from my company. One of the companies in US offered for H1B.

Here my questions his, my first company (worked there my 3 years) is not existing currently, so shall I provide the details of my first company while filing H1B or shall i only show 4 years of experience which I have currently.

First get clear about the basic requirements of H1B, that relieves you from your confusion.

For H1B petition, you need a total 16 years of education with the graduation in the relevent area of specialization OR its equalent.

Dont represent any qualification(education or experience) that you can not prove. If a company or an educational institute where you have secured this qualification is not existing, its okay… as long as you can prove its existance during the period of your qualification time.