Regarding H1B Visa Personal Appearance Interview

Hi Saurabh,

I need your help in my case. My indian based company has applied for L1B extn and at same time Company B has applied for H1B in 2012 quota. L1B got denied on Aug 22nd and on same day H1 petition got approved. As My L1 extn got denied I moved back to india. Now I want to go for H1B stamping. I am for Hyderabad. I need the following details:

My H1B start date is Oct 9th 2012.


1.       When would be the right time to take visa appointment for H1B? My employer says its better to take during Christmas holiday season, i:e Dec 22nd 2012. Do I need to face question like why am I attending PA so late as I have H1 start date as Oct 9th

2.       Can I take appointment in Chennai even if I am from Hyderabad.

3.       Also if everything goes well is I am planning to travel in first week of Jan 2013 because I feel the sooner the better.  Or  is it ok to travel a little late like in feb 2013. (As I need to serve notice period in my current company in India).

Please let me know the details.

And thanks a lot saurav in advance.

Hi, i have a related query. I got H1B Validity for 3 yrs. Suppose its from Oct, but i travel in Jan will the three months get deducted from my total period of stay, or will that be added at the end of 3 yrs. Please Clarify.