Regarding H1b visa interw.

This yr I applied for H1b visa. But my company processed for work permit for 1yr to other which I supposed to go by may 2016. Suppose if petition gets picked and approved, where can I attend the visa interw I.e either from the country where I will be working on work permit or do I need to come to India for attending h1b visa interw. Please advise. And also pls let me know whether my work permit will effect my h1b visa interw.

Secondly, after getting h1b visa, do we need start our travelling by Oct 1st 2016.
Or can we travel after 1yr of start date of h1b visa.

Pls advise.

Thanks in advance.

For first time H-1 stanping, it is recommend to go to home country. If you are in another country, then check with US consulate there to know their policies around TCNs.

You can get visa stamped and travel anytime during petition and visa validity period. It is not mandatory to do this on Oct 1. If there is a delay then carry recently dated documents like employment letter.