Regarding H1B Transfer and Perm filing

Little Complex but let me try explaining -

I have 13 months left on my H1B ( expiring 30th August 2017). I do not have perm filed yet through my current company “X” . However there is another company “Y” who is planning to file my perm by July 2016 to make sure I do not loose status by 30th Aug 2017. However I am currently working with company “X” and Company “Y” has already started marketing my profile and parallel they will do perm filing . Company “Y” will get my H1B transferred to them once I get project with them. My question is -

  1. Is there max timeline to find project with company “Y” once my perm is filed by them.

  2. what will be the impact on my perm if I could not get project through company “Y” within the max timeline.

  3. Suppose after the perm is filed by company “Y” in July 2016, I find opportunity with company “Z” , can I transfer my visa from company “X” to Company “Z” or Company “Y” to Company “Z” ? and can company “Z” also do perm filing for me or I need to inform them about the perm already filed my Company “Y” since it will be double perm filing.

  4. what is the approx timeline for perm approval ( labor only )

  5. Can I140 be filed on premium processing

Note - Company X ,Y , Z are completely separate entity and they do not have any working relationship with them.

Your input/help is greatly appreciated .

  1. No max timeline. Y can file PERM for you even and get it approved if you are not working for them

  2. Y may or may not decide to pursue further with I-140 filing if you don’t get project through them

  3. Multiple employers can file PERM for you. So Y and Z PERMs can process in parallel.

  4. I think it is 6-8 months these days (non-audited)

  5. Yes

thank you , this is very helpful information

Thanks for the reply.
One more question. what would happen if my perm is in processing and i go as dependent (h4 visa) ?
Will my perm will get cancelled ?

They are independent of each other. PERM can continue even if you are on H-4 at the moment.