Regarding H1B sponsorship for Non IT profiles (HR background)


Im on H4 visa and im looking for sponsership who can sponser me for H1B 2015 QUOTA. I have 2 years experience in HR as Techincal recruiter in India. Now my question is are there any particular companies which consider these kind of profiles and sponser H1B. As i heard that most of the companies sponser to those people whose background is from IT side. Could you please let me know so that i can start working on it.




What is your educational background? This aspect will be looked at and there needs to be a match between your education and where you plan to work.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Hi Dr. Sandeep Shankar,

Firstly, i would thank you for responding to my query regarding H1B sponsorship. Well i have done my Bachelor of Engineering(BE) in Mechanical and i,m 2010 passed out, and Post Graduation (PG) major subject in HR and minor subject in IT. And i passed out my PG in the year 2012. As soon as i passed out from PG i joined a private company as a Technical Recruiter and i worked there for almost 2 Years.Since i got married i had to move to US as my spouse works in US. And now i’m looking for a company who can sponsor me for H1B 2015 quota. I approached a company and they are asking me to pay 1000$ for filing my H1B which is redeemable once i get my H1B. Hope this information is use full and please let me know if i need to produce any further information so that it will be help full. Appreciate for your quick response. Happy Holidays.

Sushma Vejendla