Regarding H1B Query LCA and USCIS Fees payment

Im planning to apply for H1B for 2016-2017 Yr. Please anyone help me in below queries.

  1. During LCA, do we get any confirmation when our employer files LCA.

  2. I have seen that USCIS Fees is 2325 US $. This total fees 2325 will be paid during H1 filing or only part of the fees will be paid.

or When application was picked in lottery, this fees can be paid.

  1. What is the deadline for LCA and H1B Filing ?.

please advise.



  1. You don’t. All communication is sent to employer/attorney. What they share w/ you is up to them

  2. The fees need to be paid when filing the petition. If petition is selected in lottery, checks will be cashed. If not, they will returned to the petitioner.

  3. LCAs are typically filed in Mar. Most likely, there will be a lottery for H-1B petitions. In this case, petition should reach USCIS b/w Apr 1 and Apr 7