Regarding H1B maxout

Hi, Here are the entry/exit dates to USA. How to calculate the max out of 6 years? Also, is there is any difference to having the same petition or a new petition?

Date of Entry - US (mm/dd/yyyy)Date of Exit -US (mm/dd/yyyy)Days outside US1st Entry8/21/20061/25/2007722nd Entry4/8/200712/26/2007583rd Entry2/23/20083/12/2008694th Entry5/21/20086/22/20087765th Entry8/8/20108/29/2010586th Entry10/27/20105/6/20124837th Entry9/2/2013 0

Did you go through cap again during this period? If not, then it doesn’t matter how many days you spent outside US. What matters is how many days did you spent inside US.