Regarding H1B Interview

Hi ,

I got through the H1B lottery in May 11, 2016 and got H1B approval on October 11, 2016.

Is there any deadline ( duration ) before which I need to apply for H1B Visa interview ?



No, but your opportunities of getting stamped is higher if you go sooner. If you go now, you can use the client letter and other paperwork that were used for your petition itself. If you delay your stamping, you may need to get fresh client letter and fresh offer letter etc…


Thanks for your quick reply.

My H1B was approved on October 11, 2016.
But My consultant is not sending me the letters till this date ( Nov. 26, 2016 ) and they are telling me that they will file for a interview date in December 2016 and they are going slow because the US economy is bad now due to Donald Trump being President-elect, earlier they told me to apply for a date in November end and they will courier my letters and documents for Interview, but they did’nt send till now.

Now they say they will apply the DS-160 and they only will apply for a interview date in December 2016.

Do you think there could be any such issue that we have to postpone the interview dates fearing US economy crisis and all ?

I doubt they are cheating me and they will not send me for any interview and all.


If your Employer is genuine , they will send the documents.They will not book a slot for you.For this interview you have to book a slot.Wait until the documents received.

Venkat Gorijala