Regarding h1b ds160

Hi, i am currently working in US on my H1-B visa but need to travel back home and get it stamped to re-enter. It is unclear by when i would be able to do that as it all depends on existing visa appointments availability. (Which i can only see once i fill up DS-160)

Since i am residing in the US as of now and unsure of when i would get an appointment date, what do i say in the DS-160 form for the following;

A) Under US Travel History,5 years Date Arrived “Length of Stay” since i am currently residing in US and the duration would continue to change based on when i get the appointment.

B ) Have you made specific Travel Plans. When i say no, i am still meant to provide approximate “Date Of Arrival” and “Intended Length of Stay”.

They are all basic questions but given the uncertain situation the form DS-160 seems fairly complicated. Any help on this regard would be greatly appreciated. :pray:t2: