Regarding H1b Approved with extension of OPT

I was travelling on the same date when my f1 will expired with valid OPT until 2013. I was deported from UK because they didn’t consider my visa. So, right now I am in India and my employer have applied my h1 on april.

I have checked my status on USCIS web site and conformed that my h1 got approved. They mailed the notice to my attorney or employer(Don’t know). My current client terminated my contract on 18th July. So, I am not sure in which base I can get the H1 stamp with only employer.

So, in that case what is the possibility to get h1 stamp on passport.

Also, I don’t know I have to appear for student extension on OPT base(which is valid until 2nd Feb) or h1 stamp!
Also, I am not sure once h1 got approved at same time student visa or opt is invalid! Means if in case I get the stamp than at same time i can reenter to US or I have to wait until h1 start!

Any suggestion will help a lot.

First of all, chances of getting F1 visa for the OPT period is very very less. F1 is extended only when you require more time to finish your degree.

As your H1 has been approved, you can get only a H1 stamped now. but the issue is you need to have a valid client/client letter when you go for H1 interview. They are sure to ask you about the projects you are working on. Without client info chance of getting visa is very very less when you are a contracter.

Try to find a new client and contact your employer for help on what can be done.