Regarding H1b and LCA amendment process

Hi good people,

My current situation is like this, my H1b petition has been approved on July 2015 and I am going for stamping on Feb 01st 2016. Currently I got a client in New York but my LCA was not filed for New York location.

My question is do I have to amend my petition or amend just LCA as my stamping is yet to be done. Please some light on this and help is really appreciated

Yes, new LCA and H-1B amendment is required. You shouldn’t appear for stamping w/ New York client documents if your LCA was approved for a different location.

USCIS has been enforcing the H-1B amendment requirements for few months now, and recently updated all consulates to enforce it as well.

Thanks a bunch Saurabh. Can I attend H1b interview with my approved LCA and then apply for h1b amendment? If so after applying for h1b amendment can I work for my New York client as I have applied for the amendment

If you are asked about client, will you respond w/ New York client details? If yes, then you need H-1 amendment as well prior to stamping.

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