Regarding H1B 221G - No response after submitting the docs


I have a question regarding my H1B visa. Actually I have applied for H1B stamping in Jan 2019 and I got 221G (Administrative Processing). Then I have waited more than a year to get a response for 221 G and I got the response for 221G as approved and they asked me to submit few docs to proceed further in 2020. I have submitted the docs but in the mean time my visa validity got expired so they asked me to submit I797 with the updated validity via mail. So I went for visa extension and got the extension then I have submitted the document in the month of April 2021. After that I have received only acknowledgement from them. After that I have connected with support team and they said we will respond to your case with in 180 days (excluding holiday and weekend) But till date I haven’t received any update from the consulate to till date.
Here I am not sure how to proceed further. Is there any body in the same path kindly let me know or anybody come across such thing please comment your suggestions.

My suggestion is to tag the US consulate, processing your application, and tweet with your timelines. Mention that you have already lost a lot of time and opportunity to advance in your career due to the delays.
Tweets have worked for some people for expediting case like yours.

Hi Kalpesh, Thanks for your reply. I will give a try.

Please update the forum if this works for you.

Hi Kalpesh,

    I haven't posted anything into twitter or any other social media. Actually last month I received a call from consulate and they asked me to pick a date for appointment with in the next week. Then they provided a appointment and I went for interview then got the visa now. 

    Thanks for your quick response and suggestions.
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