Regarding h1 transfer with offer but bgc pending

Hi Team,

need urgent suggestion.

I got an offer from Z company and h1b transfer documentation is going on.

Got the offer letter and work location details. But the Background check is incomplete and pending.

The Z company is asking for money for the h1 transfer as agreed I will be paying the attorney fee

They filed LCA.

they want to file h1b and start the process without background check it fine to go with Z company They are in the industry for more than 12-15 years?

is it fine if I can go with the h1 transfer without bgc completion? Hr is mentioning it will be completed with no issues in few days


Disclaimer: I’m not an immigration attorney.

What I’ve seen is that the offer is valid provided you pass all the required checks. e.g. drug test, Background check, employment verification and vaccination checks. There must be some kind of text somewhere. This is when you are dealing with reputed and lawful companies.

Looks fishy to me. There are many consulting companies which follow unlawful practices. I know that companies are not bound to pay premium processing fees but other fees I believe must be paid by employer legally.