Regarding H1 Internal Visa Transfer

Dear Experts,

I have a valid H1B visa till Sep2016 with ‘XXX Employer’ and currently I am working in India with ‘YYY employer’, now my ‘YYY’ employer started internal visa Transfer due to current project needs in US, my question is do I need to go for Visa Interview again In India if I wanted to transfer my Visa Internally or else I can Travel with my old Stamped Visa, it would be really appreciated if you could advise or guide me at the earliest.

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Technically, you can travel to US on YYY’s petition and XXX’s visa stamp. However, some employers prefer to have the visa stamp in their name. Talk to YYY if they are ok sending you w/ XXX’s visa stamp or if they prefer to have it in their name.

Hi Saurabh,

Can you please explain me the possibility, I have checked with few other guys and somebody said, I need to go for interview in India and somebody said no need to go for Embassy as you said. Please Guide me.

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It is possible. However, if you need a legal response, its best to talk to an attorney - YYY’s attorney can tell you about it.