Regarding dependants H4 Visa status

Hello All,

I have my h1 b visa approved for my self , with the same employer, my wife and kids have their visa approved till march 2024, and my wife is having her h4 ead approved as well

Recently i changed the employer and my new employer first did my h1 transfer and it my h1 visa got approved till 2025, and i started working with new employer, now my question do i need to transfer my wife and my kids visa to new employeras well, or shall their visas remain as is, will my wife h4 ead and my kids visa will become invalid ?

Any response is highly apprecripated, i am worried if my dependants visas is invalid now, are they in invalid status, even though they have visa till march 2024.

H4/EAD is not employer sponsored status so you may not apply for extension of status for H4 at this point however you can apply within 6 months of their expiry.

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Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thank you very much for your response.