Regarding Delay in File# for H1B


My employer has process my visa and it has been filed on 30th May… As per the USCIS announcment I should get the File# within 60 days… But 60 days has been crossed and I didn’t get the same yet…

Kindly help what I should do in such condition…

Thanks In Advance!

USCIS sends out receipt number within 7 days of your applicaiton receipt. It will not take 60 days. By this time your employer might have recieved it for sure. please get the reciept number from your employer.

Hi Venkambaram… Thanks for your response…its confirm news about 60 days… I have seen the same USCIS webiste on th delay of petition number distribution…

Hi Sourabh,

Please help me with my above question…

Hi Sourabh,

Please help me with my above question…

Yes- you are right.normally it takes maximum 30 days but  It can take upto 60 days this time as mentioned by USCIS. Please  go to the linbk and see what your employer can do in case 60 days have passed. You can also ask the employer to check if USCIS has encashed your cheque for Visa filing fee


Hi ,
Did you get the receipt, even mine got filed on June 1st… still i dint get… My employer says , they are following it up with USCIS… but i’m worried

hey anybody received the receipt no.?


Have you received the receipt no.?