Regarding correction in H1B approved petition

HI All,

My H1b petiton was approved on sep18 2012…

Received the hard copy on Oct 4 2012 . My Firstname was misspelled so sent to USCIS for correction. Dec-28-2012 I got an update from USCIS team that corrected petiton would be mailed but stil i havent received

I dont know as how to track this request.

Please guide me as what has to be done in this regards,

Awaiting your response

Your employer should have received the corrected petition by now. If not, they should follow-up w/ USCIS. Remember USCIS sends all communication to employer/attorney and not to you.

Yes you are right either the Employer or the attorney will get the corrected petition. ON 28 dec 2012 i got an update from USCIS that your petiton would be mailed to your employer in next 10-14 working days … till date the employer has not received …

If they have not received it yet, then they should contact USCIS about it.