Regarding converting H4 to F1 stamping

Hi Folks,

I went to US along with my 7 months baby on L2 visa stayed there along with my husband .I have worked for TCS and forcely made to resign my job under husband pressure and went to US.Very soon I had oppurtunity to work on L2 but without my knowledge my husband filed for H1 and changed my status to H4 .Then He dropped me and my Kid in India nd returnd US saying that he will return permanently India quit job and come India.while he going back he took away mine nd my kids passport along with him.After 6 months of awaiting shockingly He sent divorce papers from Dallas court.I m unable to travel back to US as my passports are under his custody and if I filed for new passport he never gave me H4 supporting documents to get stamped and go back. Last year I have applied for masters nd recently I got admit and I20 from university …My question is if I go for visa stamping for F1 my status is H4 but no stamping is done as I don’t have documents …

what are the chances of getting f1 visa without rejection.
What are all documents I need to carry?
Does the VO asks about H4 documents and reasons for not getting stamping done on H4?
Can I explain what had done to me and now I need to continue my studies?

My father is sponcering me…If I hesitate to say all this to VO.can I say as if we are living together but my father is sponcering for my studies??

Please any one give me solutions…
I had already suffered with physo husband.
I want to be courage and get back my life back.Planing to take my kid back to US after my studies once I get stable there.Meanwhile expecting change from my husband in this period.

Expecting F1 visa only can give me hope to my life.

Please reply friends…

F1 visa needs i20, GRE score, TOEFL/IELTS and funding docs.

You can be fair to officer if asked, explain him the situation. H4 and F1 are two independent visas, so there will be no impact

You can be true to VO if asked, but they might not ask. As NO two visas are linked

You can show sponsorship docs if asked about sponsor

Sorry for your situation. Hope your husband gets back to you

Thanks …

Ur reply gave me some confidence.
Hope this information helps me the Best.