Regarding Cap Gap Extension - Working F1

Hello, my H1b was picked in the lottery so i got a new cap gap i20 stating my extension of opt till 30th sept. My h1b got approved but it will start from 30th Sept. My EAD is expiring on 21st June. So i have question as to can i work on my cap gap extended i20 till my h1 status begins because my ead will expire on 21st june? Please help regarding this confusion.

Thanks in advance

Cap gap extension is automatic. All you need to do is send the copy of receipt, if asked by DSO and get a new I-20, that will authorize you continue to work until Sept 30th. Your expired EAD card does not matter as you are getting automatic cap gap extension to work on expired EAD until the decision of H1B or September 30th. ReadH1B Cap Gap Lottery Info

Thanks for the response. I have got decision also on my h1b and it’s approved. So will the cap gap i20 will still allow me to work till start of h1b ?

Yes, absolutely, it will !

I’m almost same situation.
I received I-20 which is extend to end of September, and I also received I-797A which will be valid from 10/1. If I leave US around July, can I come back with H1 visa stamped and continue work?
Or once I leave USA, do I have to wait until 10/1?
Please let me know if you know about anything this situation, thank you.

Your H1B Status starts only on October 1st. You can only work on H1B starting from October 1st.
Now, if you want to work before that, you can try to re-enter US on F1 visa (if your visa is valid) by using the I-20 endorsed by your DSO and then see entry into US and continue to work on F1 visa OPT. On October 1st, your status with change to H1B, if you have filed as COS and then you can continue to work on H1B from then…