REG Travel on H4


Employee is in H4 status. H1 is applied and got RFE. RFE is still to be responded. Can he travel outside US in this time. H4 visa is still valid.

Do you mean RFE after extension of status application? What is the H1B I-94 expiry? Will the H4 travel and be back before the H1B I-94 expiry?
Is the extension of status for H1B applied under premium processing?

This is for H1 CAP, got filed under Regular process. Got RFE for H1 CAP Petition. RFE is not yet responded. Candidate is in H4 status. He wants to travel India, is it advisable to travel.

Okay, it is still not clear.
Are you currently holding cap-exempt H1B and now switching to cap-subject via lottery?
Are you currently in H1B status? If yes, when is the I-94 expiry?