Reg on My eligibility for H1B

Hi All,Yesterday I heard from my higher management saying that they are going to process h1b for me this year.I want know am I eligible for H1b or not before proceeding with my company people.Can you please find my below details and let me know am I eligible or is there any problem with my education gaps.Eduction

10 done in 200010+2 done in 2003 àI have one year done 2004 to 2009 àI have two years gap

Experience2010 to till date as a java developer


It is kind of in the gray area. Your company may have to submit a education evaluation to prove that your 3 year BSc is equivalent to US bachelors degree.

I would suggest that you proceed with your company’s request, the company’s immigration lawyer will ultimately evaluate and get an education evaluation done and let you know if you are eligible; than you just making a wild guess.

Hi Ramanan,
Thanks for your update.

Can you please give the more clarity on this.
Normally with my education and work experience am I eligible or not.