Reg h1b filing of current year(2016-17)

Does any one applied h1b through either kellton tech or averon Infotech?please suggest me from which consultancy can I apply h1b thus year.please suggest as early as possible

Hi Bhargavi

i am also applying for H1B through Averon infotech .i feel you too can apply through the same

We should stay in touch .



Hi Dave thanks for ur reply,you have done ur technical round.

nope !! i actually talked to them for first time a day ago .They asked me for documents needed for h1b application .

Once i submit them and pay the initial payment they would proceed further .

is this the the same process you are going through or theres something new ?

You have any exp in US or US masters degree ??

by the way my email is can also contact me there .


Hi,yesterday I got a call from averon and they scheduled the interview just like casual hr type only.after that hr called me and told me that ur shortlisted so pah the amount of 3000$ initial amount through cheque,they shared the bank account detais also.

Same process,first docs upload next one interview that’s it.

They shortlisted me based on my resume without any technical interview .

Yes they told me to pay the similar amount on their account .So what you are planning to do ??

You are aware of any other people going with / doing job with Averon ??

I don’ t know any one in averon through naukri only I know that.

Hmm…me too …saw them on naukri :P…so are u going forward with them ??

Did they tell you anything what type of project they’ll provide and how they gonna give job letter ? They told me their client can provide it .

They didn’t tell any client and project related information,daily they are called me and asking amount the initial amount, next week will be the last date they told.right now I am in dynama pay the money or not.what abt ur remaining persons decisions plz any onexshare the feedback of averon infotech(concept software & services)

Hi Bhargavi, I also received call from averon InfoTech. Whats your opinion about the company? Not much details available about them, so not very sure at this stage.

Hello Folks,

I also received call from the Averon Info for H1B.
Asking me about the documents and Initial payment.

I also received a call from Averon infotech. But cannot decide if its a genuine one

Hi All,
I am also planning to apply my H1B through Averon Infotech. I have not applied yet. Let me know if anyone has any details regarding Averon Infotech and whether it is safe to go ahead with them.

Even i m going through averon.

I am not applying h1b through averon…


Bhargavi, Did you select any other consultant? I too got a call from Averon and looking forward to go ahead with them. what makes you not to go with Averon, please share your finding, hence we can also get awareness