Reg H1B Amendment

Hi ,

i have 1797 approved till jun 2017 for a work location .

now my project got changed which is in another state, but my company asked to work from the current location im in (work from home).

the location specified in 1797 and my home is not more than 5 miles.

my company now wants to file a H1b amendment. is that needed ? since my work location has not changed more than 50 miles.

now i have a travel plan to india. not sure if this is needed and how long will it take,

please clarify .
let me know if you have any questions.



What’s the new location they are proposing in the amendment? Are they filing new LCA also?

my existing work location is Sandy,UT for which i have I797A till jun 2017. my new project location is Sacramento, CA. but my company asked me to work from home in Sandy,UT for the CA project. not sure they are filing new LCA. i have been informed about H1B amendment only.

do they need to file LCA and do H1B amendment or both not required ?


If work location change is involved, then both LCA and amendment is required. If they are filing just amendment consciously then there could be other reason. Ask the employer for the reason.