reference needed - consultants

Thanks for the wonderful site with loads of information.

Would someone let me know or suggest good ,reliable, genuine consultant for the application for h1b visa ( attorney process).

Need to apply from India- Bangalore for 2018. hib



I feel too early at the moment, because lot of things will change by then. IMO one should not take money for H1 B filing .

thanks veeras for your response… i have already applied for this year but not sure of the results yet. I had applied through one of the consultants from US,
but wanted to start doing some research on the better consultants as a backup platn if my application is not selected. thanks again.
** also did you say IMO ? would you share full details of this firm?pls.

Oh ! sorry for the acronym , i.e in my opinion. I think this site has H1 B Sponsors database, you can refer the sae.

got 221g in march 2016 at chennai – white slip – looking for h1b cab exempt sponsors to file new petition – is there a way to find to h1b transfer while in India. pls advice and suggest some US company if anybody knows – my skills – websphere administrator – 10 yrs exp