REF Status not changed to RFE Response review

Hi ,

I got RFE on 25th June My attorney replied on 20th July but still status is RFE not changed to RFE response review. How long it will take to change the status?

Appreciate to if someone answer.



Is you application under premium processing? If not then you can expect some delays in the status changes on the website.

I am also in same page. I got RFE on 30th June…i am not sure whether my attorney submitted RFE documents or not!..Status is still showing as RFE, not changed to RFE review. I am worried :(:frowning:

Hi Amit,

from which consultancy you filled H1B.

SGM Law Group PLLC …What about you?

I have done through MRCC Mumbai…Your in India or in US

hi guys,

i am also in the same line,from June 30 it was shwoing as RFE .

is it a problem to reject the application

Finally status changed to “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received” . Getting some hope now.:slight_smile:

Hi All

For me also status is change from RFE to RFE response review on 28th sep

Lets hope for the best


Hi I have applied through some indian consultant and received RFE on 11th june and documents was submitted on 2nd week of sept but still now no status change. guys do you think still any hope ?

Even i am in same loop ,but no guaranty,this much late is worry and it indicates to reject

Even I am on the same boat.Did your visa got approved now?