Reentering on Advance Parole

My L Visa is still valid. But I also have a valid EAD+AP Combo card. During a recent business trip, at POE, I presented both and the officer chose to use my AP so my I 94 has Paroled Status. Now I might travel again. So once I am paroled, next time, Can I use my L visa to reenter, or do I need to keep using AP only. Please help. I will be traveling with my son, he also has AP. Thanks in advance

Your re-entry utilizes twin instruments of L-1 and advanced parole. AP takes legal precedence over L documents.

Thanks, sorry it is not fully clear to me. I would like to go back from paroled status to L1 status. So can I choose to reenter using my valid L1 and choose not to use the AP? (although few days back I had entered using AP)

Your only method of entry would be using Advance Parole. Your status has been adjusted which means you are no longer an L visa class non-immigrant. Since 2011, an EAD-AP card has replaced the older AP paper letter which means you may use the card to enter the US within validity dates specified on card instead of applying for a new AP letter every time you travel. This scenario becomes different if you have decided to abandon your green card petition, then the L-1 document becomes primary entry document.