Red Light Citation-DS160 Conviction Question

I have a red light violation citation by a police in Iowa. Court attendance was not needed. I paid the fine. After disposition of the case, the Charge Class on the case says “Scheduled Violation”. I am guessing being guilty and being charged means I am convicted for this offense.

I am about to renew my F-1 Visa from my home country using the “Drop Box” through the interview waiver application.

Is it ok if I answer NO for following question in DS-160 “Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?”?

An immigration attorney from said “A red light citation is not an arrest or conviction for the form.” But also want some input from this forum.

(Just to clarify, this was not a traffic camera charge. This was a charge by a police which says “FAILURE TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE” and the Charge Class is “SCHEDULED VIOLATION”. So is it safe for me to answer NO to the question?)

Please let me know. Thanks!

Traffic violation citation are minor misdemeanor and may not be reported on DS-160.