Recommendation for B1 approval


My sister/BIL/Niece have visa appointment in Jan, My sister and bil are self employed, their bank balances are not huge, they do not have assets. My Niece is going to college. I can sponsor her/them for everything include flight tickets. Any recommendations on what to take/not take for the interviews? as i understand assets/bank statements are key. I am a citizen in US and employed full time.

Any/all documentation supporting that they are only visiting and have no intent to become illegal immigrants.

Bank savings/FD statements.
Bills/valuation of precious metals like gold/silver etc, even if it is in form of ornaments.
Retirement savings like EPF/PPF funds.
Stocks/MF holding statement.
Property valuation document if they hold one.
If they have any medical conditions, a certificate from their treating doctor that states that the patient is under their care and newd regular checkups etc.
Last three years IT returns.

My suggestion is that the entire family shouldn’t apply for visitors visa unless they have very strong financial background and hold substantial assets in India.
For e.g. chances are better to get visitors visa if your niece do not apply for visa and only parents go for the interview.

thanks for the reply, my niece is about 18, unfortunately they can’t leave her there by herself. i Assume i have to furnish a letter to assure that i would financially support them, and provide by bank/401k/investment statements to prove i can support them?

Well that may work against them getting the visa. If you prove you can financially support them, consulate officer will see that as a potential of them immigrating illegally with you able to support them financially. This is different from you sponsoring their US tour.

Ultimately it is up to you to take a chance and see if the entire family gets visitors visa.