Recieved notice saying h1 not picked but got case receipt number


I just got email from attorney saying my h1 application is not picked. But interestingly I got case picked notice from attorney befor and I tracked case number which still says processing.

Attorney already contacted uscis asking for clarification. I am really worried. Attorney says this never happens before.

Please help

By any chance have you applied via two different employers (but both employers uses the same attorney)? One was picked and other one is not picked?

Is the rejection notice (The one that says you didn’t make through the lottery) having your name in it?

I just got rejection letter from attorney saying rejected since fee paid is around 2500 instead of 4000. But my employer have 40 employees on H1b out of 103, which means I don’t have to pay 4000$. So this is a mistake from uscis. Attorney is trying to reopen the case. He says this never happens before and don’t know how uscis will respond.

Please let me know your taughts

What are my chances here. Do you think the case will be reopend and picked if mistake is from uscis

Your case got rejected after lottery selection due to incorrect fees. Am i right? I have no idea whether it can be reopened. Your Attorney is the best person to answer it. If its USCIS mistake I am sure they would consider. Did you check in your LCA? Does it say your company is H1B dependent? If yes you got to pay that extra 4000$ right?

Explains the fees structure. You need to include L1 employees too in your counting.

In the rejection letter, they would have provided the ways to reopen the case if any.

Letter says never resubmit since cap reached on April. It doesn’t give any info on how to open the case again. Attorney is trying to reach uscis to reopen the case. They still say it’s a mistake from employer applied for other candidates as well with same amount. I am the only one who got into this problem.

That’s unfortunate totally:( I hope your Attorney could reopen the case. All the best to you! I hope you update this thread with positive news of your visa approval.

What’s the time frame for reopening the case

After getting rejection notice

30 days from the date you receive your rejection.

Thanks mathuram

Do you think my chances are bright here?