Recent COS H4 to F1 - Experiences - 2020

Has anyone filed COS from H4 to F1 lately? I filed on June 17 and still waiting. Just trying to see current filers and their experiences and how long it took to receive response from USCIS

In general COS to F1 takes a very long time. Check USCIS processing times on their website to get an idea…I will let others share experiences.

Thankyou Kumar. The USCIS processing time says 2.5 to 4.5 months in Potomac Service Center where my case has been received. It also says the data is two months prior. It is usually a painful and long process so I was interested to see who are on the same boat.

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Hi kancha , were you able to find out how much time does it take? I am in a similar situation debating over applying from us or going Canada. Turns!

Divya-No i can only check uscis online processing time i do know if there are any user tracker for this COS. If you already have a US visa, it would make sense to go to Canada for F1 visa stamping. My school set to start in mid August and I may likely withdraw if i do not hear anything by third week of August.

Hey, thanks for responding. I do have a valid visa till the end of Dec 2020 but I am just apprehensive about being able to get back to US considering current situation.