Received RFE on H1 Cap Exempt - Need Help


My visa got expired on Jul 31, 20122. My employer applied for H1 Cap exempt under premium mode on Jul 10, 2012. I travelled to US on my visa and returned last year August.

On Jul 24, we received an RFE regarding 'right to control' and response date being Oct 16, 2012

My employer asked me to submit W2, payslips, offer letter, client invite letter, SOW. Our project runs on quarterly SOWs and right now, we dont have a signed SOW. Client invite letter was provided by our onsite manager.

My questions are

	Is SOW and client letter mandatory for Right to control RFEs?

	I joined my present employer right from campus and dint change the jobs in between. Though my previous visa was accepted, why RFE is issued? any thoughts?

	Is this RFEs normal?

	What are the chances of getting my visa accepted?

Please help me with your suggestions on what to do.


Thanks much,