Received RFE for H1B and want to know the deadline for H1B decision making

Hi Saurabh,

The online status of my H1B petition shows RFE from 6th Sept onwards but my attorney says she has not received any questions from the USCIS.

I want to know does the USCIS send the RFE to the attorney as soon as it changes the status online or does it take time?

Also once the RFE is provided and if 1st Oct date is reached does it stop the processing of the H1B application or it continues until some decision is given.Is there some deadline for this date as well?

Waiting to hear from you.

Thanks a lot!


It Can take some time to send notice may be couple of days.

1st Oct means your start date of Job for current visa Cap, visa keep on processing there are cases where last year quota visas are still in progress and yet some are waiting for approval