Received H1B RFE for client letter and SOW


My H1B Petition was filed with USCIS on 1-Apr-16 through my present company for the client XXXX and presently I am not with the same client.
Two week back I received RFE mail from USCIS and asking me to produce following documents:

  1. End-Client Letter.
  2. Statement of Work. ​

As I am not with the same client, I am not able to produce the above documents to USCIS from the same client.

How can I come across the issue?
Can I produce above documents from other US client?
Can I file an LCA from a different client?

Request you to please help me.


Filing LCA through another client is not recommended as your petition is still pending.

See if you can find a new client in the same location as old one, so that new LCA is not required.

If not, try submitting a letter from a senior management personnel vouching for your case in absence of client letter. This may work in case of big renowned consulting companies.