Received 221g in Feb. No Response. File new H1? Questions:

Hello everyone,

I have come here with a lot of hope. Please advise me.

I am on my 2nd H1B that expires this year in October. I received 221G in Feb and there is still no response from the Consulate. I was hoping someone can answer the following questions for me:

[1] Can I file a new H1B with another employer?
[2] How much more time do I have to file the visa?
[3] Can I only file before October only or can I also file after that?
[4] If I file before October, it will be a transfer, correct?

Thanks, V

  1. Yes

  2. I didn’t understand the question

  3. It can be done either before Oct or later

  4. Both will be transfer. The new employer will have to file for cap-exempt petition, submit copy of old approved H-1 petition and once approved you will then appear for another visa interview.