Received 221g for administration processing after they received my passport

F1 to H1B visa change interview.

Interview date : Dec 4th, 2017

Interviewer asked regular questions like which company, what does they do, are you going back for same position and salary. After that she asked my did you get the pamphlet (rule book) and told please go through that and know about your rights in US before going back.

After few seconds she asked were you out of status at any point in US. I answered “No, never” (I was actually never out of status)

Then she kept my passport inside the tray and handed over 221g and told we need to further verify your case and your application is been rejected until then. Once we complete the process, final decision is made.

Please someone let me know if any of you went through the same experience and by how many days you received the decision. It helps allot!


hi Ajain,

am on same boat. Any updates on your case?

I got visa approved on Dec 14th and received the passport on Dec 15th through premium delivery!

Good luck on your case… Take care